The 2021 International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles was held in Lyon, France

Time:2021-12-24 Source:ISU Secretariat


In order to close contact of international silk cities and enhance silk cross-regional cooperation, on November 19, the 2021 International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles was held in Lyon, France. Through online and offline integration, the conference invited more than 60 representatives of industry organizations and silk cities from China, Italy, France, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Uzbekistan, India and Georgia to participate. The conference was hosted by Lyon Metropole, Lyon City and Intersoie France. Mr. Xavier Lepingle, president of Intersoie France, CEO of Hermès Textile Holding, presided over the conference.



The participating delegations introduced the basic conditions of various industry organizations and silk cities. Mr. Zhang Guoqiang, chairman of ISU, introduced the basic situation and recent work of ISU, sorted out a series of work to support the International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles, and congratulated the successful convening of the conference. ISU is the international organization which is included in the “Yearbook of International Organizations”, Union of International Associations (UIA), there have been more than 130 enterprises and organizations from 24 countries and regions joining ISU, including France, Italy, Brazil, Japan, India, Uzbekistan, China etc. Especially Italian Silk Office, INTERSOIE France, Brazilian Silk Association, Vietnam Sericulture Association, and Cambodia Silk Sector Promotion and Development Commission have joined as national industrial organizations. ISU has set up six professional committees including the History Culture, Education Research, Technical Innovation, Fashion Design, Intelligent Manufacture and Sustainable Development, there has been more than 70 silk experts globally in the committees.



The meeting reviewed the Statutes of Association and Scheme of Membership Fees, elected the president, vice president, secretary general, assistant secretary general and treasurer of executive commission. 





Representative silk cities introduced the development status of each silk city and industry. Lyon introduced Lyon and the European programm - Horizon Europe. Valencia introduced the plans to leverage silk in Valencia as a driver. Como introduced the elected UNESCO Creative City for the sustainable development of silk production. Yokohama introduced the short presentation of the silk industry in Yokohama. Uzbekistan introduced the existence of a silk ministry and Samarkand silk city. Brazil introduced the ongoing process to the coordination of silk partners in a territory. Nanchong introduced the city situation of “To Carry forward Silk Road Culture and Raise the Reputation of the World Silk Origin”.



During the conference, online guests watched the 2021 Silk In Lyon and it’s International Room, learned about exotic silk culture and characteristic products, and further felt the blend of silk culture. The silk cities scattered in various countries around the world have also gathered together to talk about silk and seek common development.

Source:ISU Secretariat