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International Silk Union (ISU) is an international and specialized non-profit organization, which is to promote communication and cooperation of the silk industry among countries, promote the progress and development on the international silk culture, education scientific research, design, production, standards and testing, trade and consumption etc., and further enhance the healthy and stable development of the silk industry. Since ISU Founding Member Assembly was held in October 2015, there have been 110 enterprises from over 17 countries and regions joined ISU, including China, Brazil, Italy, India, France, Japan, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam etc., and also the organizations like Italian Silk Office, INTERSOIE France, Vietnam Sericulture Association, Cambodia Silk Sector Promotion and Development Commission (SDC) etc.

International Silk Union adheres the purpose of “communication and cooperation, development with concerted efforts”, to actively develop new members, provide support and convenience to members units and promote exchanges and cooperation. Over the past 2 years since it established, ISU has done many things. For example, organizing regional silk culture exchange activities; Convening ISU Chairman Enlarged Meeting and the second ISU Member Assembly; Setting up the History Culture Professional Committee, the Fashion Design Professional Committee, the Education Research Professional Committee, the Technical Innovation Professional Committee, and the Trade Manufacture Professional Committee; Holding Belt and Road Forum for International Silk, Topic Discussion on the Sustainable Development of Silk Industry, and International Silk Seminar on Fashion Design and Developing Trend; Revising and upgrading the World Silk Website. With the active cooperation of member units, all works have achieved staged results.

       The healthy growth of ISU lies in the great support from the member units. ISU hope you to actively participate in, offer good advice and suggestions and make progress with concerted efforts.



Mr. Li Jilin  

Chairman of International Silk Union