About ISU

International Silk Union (ISU) is an international and specialized non-profit social organization in which enterprises and related organizations from the silk producing and consuming countries participate voluntarily. It aims to promote mutual exchange and cooperation of the silk industry around the world, promote the progress and development in international silk culture, education, scientific research, design, production, standards and testing, trade as well as consumption, and build a good exchange and cooperation platform for the international silk industry. Since October 2015, after the foundation, the union actively develop the key silk producing and consuming enterprises and organizations from all over the world and expand the member scale. At present, there has been 123 enterprises and organizations from 20 countries and regions joining ISU, including China, Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Poland, Japan, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, USA, Australia, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Laos and Hong Kong(China), among which there are 46 executive member units and 11 vice chairman units. Especially Italian Silk Office, INTERSOIE France, Brazilian Silk Association, Vietnam Sericulture Association, and Cambodia Silk Sector Promotion and Development Commission, join as a country or region, which have spread great impact on hundreds of silk enterprises. In 2020, ISU is included in the Yearbook of International Organizations, Union of International Associations(UIA), becoming the first silk international organization in the UIA that the secretariat locates in China.

Adhering to the purpose of “Communication & Cooperation, Development with Concerted Efforts”, and with the enthusiastic cooperation of member units, ISU held thrice members assemblies and twice chairman enlarged meetings, five international silk industry forums and seminars, organized multiple silk industry and culture exchange activities among member countries, established 5 professional committees including History Culture, Education Research, Technical Innovation, Fashion Design and Trade Manufacture, strengthened the construction of ISU secretariat, and promoted the information release platform.

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June 2020