ISU Structure

Honorary Chairmen

Yang Yongyuan

Honorary president of China Silk Association

Li Jilin

Honorary chairman of Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd.


Zhang Guoqiang (profile.pdf)

Chairman of the board of Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd. 

Vice chairmen

01 Stefano Vitali

President of Italian Silk Office

02 Xavier LEPINGLE

President of INTERSOIE France

03 Renata Amano

President of Brazilian Silk Association

04 Chen Wenxing

President of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

05 Ke Huiqi

Chairman of the board of Guangdong Silk-Tex Group Co., Ltd.

06 Zhao Feng

Curator of China National Silk Museum

07 Din Yu Well Lam

Executive director of High Fashion International Limited

08 Dang Vinh Tho

President of Vietnam Sericulture Association

09 Chen Xiangping

Honorary president of Sichuan Academy of Silk Sciences

10 Yang Guoliang

President of Shandong Hirun Investment Group Co., Ltd.

11 Shen Minghong

Director of Shanghai Pudong Technology Entrepreneurship Promotion Center

Honorary Secretary-general

Fei Jianming

Honorary president of Hangzhou Oriental Silk Culture and Brand Research Center


Li Qizheng (profile.pdf)

President of Periodicals Agency of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Director of Hangzhou Oriental Silk Culture and Brand Research Center

Deputy Secretary-generals

Bian Xinger

Vice president and secretary-general of Zhejiang Provincial Silk Association

Minister of Operation Management Division of Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd.

Guido Tettamanti

Secretary-general of Italian Silk Office

Li Wei

Vice president of Sichuan Provincial Silk Association

President of Nanchong Silk and Cocoon Industry Association

Executive Members

01 Italian Silk Office (Italy)

02 High Fashion International Limited (Hong Kong)

03 The Thai Silk Company Limited (Thailand)

04 Fabric Plus Pvt. Limited (India)

05 Hoi An Silk Group (Vietnam)

06 Bisa Overseas (Brazil)

07 Maruhachi Kiito Co., Ltd. (Japan)

08 Spun Silk World Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

09 Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd.

10 China National Silk Museum

11 Guangdong Silk-Tex Group Co., Ltd.

12 Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

13 Jiangsu SOHO International Group Corp.

14 Shanghai Silk Group Co., Ltd.

15 Shandong Silk Group Co., Ltd.

16 Guangxi Silk Group Co., Ltd.

17 Hangzhou Oriental Silk Culture and Brand Research Center

18 National Engineering Laboratory for Modern Silk (Suzhou)

19 State Key Laboratory of Silkworm Genome Biology (Southwest University)

20 Instutite of Sericultural Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science

21 China National Silk and Garments Quality Supervision Testing Center

22 China Cocoon & Silk Exchange

23 Sichuan Academy of Silk Sciences

24 Zhejiang Jiaxin Silk Co., Ltd.

25 Shandong Hirun Investment Group Co., Ltd.

26 Wensli Group Co., Ltd.

27 Silk Road Holding Group Co., Ltd.

28 Zhejiang Zhongwei Silk Group Co., Ltd.

29 Xinyuan Cocoon Silk Group Co., Ltd.

30 Zibo Daranfang Silk Group Co., Ltd.

31 Chongqing Wintus New Star Enterprises Group

32 Yunnan Baoshan Ligen Silk Group Co., Ltd.

33 Zhejiang Golden Eagle Co., Ltd.

34 Zhejiang Meorient Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.

35 INTERSOIE France (France)

36 Cambodia Silk Sector Promotion and Development Commission (Cambodia)

37 Vietnam Sericulture Association (Vietnam)

38 Brazilian Silk Association (Brazil)

39 Matsumura Co., Ltd. (Japan)

40 Kailpar Engineering Co., Ltd (India)

41 THM International Import & Export Pte Ltd. (Singapore)

42 Sichuan Nanchong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd.

43 Sichuan Sachem Textile Co., Ltd.

44 Trudel Fashion Group (Switzerland)

45 PT. Sutra Alam Nusantara (Indonesia)

46 Shanghai Pudong Technology Entrepreneurship Promotion Center

Council Members

01 Asian Silk Alliance

02 Coponat SA (France)

03 Hokusei Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Japan)

04 Kyauk Se Silk Co., Ltd. (Burma)

05 Crown Textile Pte Ltd. (Indonesia)

06 Sovereign Crown Pte Ltd. (Australia)

07 Chuwa Co., Ltd. (Japan)

08 Yokohama Matsumura Co., Ltd. (Japan)

09 Fuchuen Enterprises (Hong Kong) Company Limited

10 Zhejiang Academy of Science & Technology for Inspection & Quarantine

11 Jiaxing Idea Silk Co., Ltd.

12 Rizhao Haitong Silk Group Co., Ltd.

13 Anhui Jingjiu Silk Joint Stock Company

14 Shenzhen China Silk Enterprise Limited

15 Guangxi Huahong Silk Share Co., Ltd.

16 Jiangxi Lvdong Silk Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.

17 Hubei Yilian Sericulture Technology Co., Ltd.

18 Ankang Bashan Silk Co., Ltd.

19 Liaoning Caiyi Wild Silk Products Co., Ltd.

20 Jin Fuchun Group Co., Ltd.

21 Sichuan Fflourish Silk Co., Ltd.

22 Sichuan Qixiangsha Silk Industry Limited Liability Company

23 Wujiang City Dingsheng Silk Group Co., Ltd.

24 Zhejiang Huzhou Meiyue Knitting Co., Ltd.

25 Zhejiang Misai Silk Co., Ltd.

26 China Silk Capital Nanchong Silk Culture Institute

27 Chun'an Cocoon & Silk Co., Ltd.

28 Chongqing Sunfeel Intlligent Technology Co.,Ltd

29 Hangzhou Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

30 Sichuan Silunxing Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd.

31 Shandong Guangtong Silkworm Group Co., Ltd.

32 Hangzhou Wanfu Trading Co., Ltd.

33 Suzhou Taifa Coloured Thread Weaving Co., Ltd.

34 Hangzhou Niteer Weave Co., Ltd.

35 Hangzhou Yihui Cultural Creative Co., Ltd.

36 Journal of Silk

37 Sichuan Ygor Textile Co., Ltd.

38 Huzhou Ling Silk Institute

39 Hangzhou World Silk Co., Ltd.

40 Nanchong Yinhai Silk Co., Ltd.

41 SentoSaSilk (Cambodia)

42 Artisan Angkor Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)

43 Institute of Nature Fibers and Medicinal Plants (Poland)

44 Zhejiang Meijiabiao Garment Co., Ltd.

45 VESITH DEVY Sik Association (Cambodia)

46 Jinchengjiang Xinxing Cocoon Silk Co., Ltd.

47 Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute Co., Ltd.

48 Tongxiang City Heshan Weiye Textile Co., Ltd.

49 Hangzhou I Yu In Soul Garments Co., Ltd.

50 Hangzhou Jin Yiming Textile Silk Co., Ltd.

51 Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College

52 Beijing Kaili Silk Co., Ltd.

53 Guangxi Guihe Group Co., Ltd.

54 Zhejiang Huazhi Silk Co., Ltd.

55 Hangzhou Hualong Weaving Machine Co., Ltd.

56 Huzhou Institute of Quality and Technical Supervision and Testing (National Cocoon and Silk Quality Supervision Inspection Center)

57 Huzhou Baby Sericulture Co., Ltd.

58 Hangzhou Newjiexiu Silk Co., Ltd.

59 Hangzhou Jixiang Import and Export Co., Ltd.

60 Vietnam Sericulture Corporation - Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)

61 August Silk Inc (USA)

62 Dokoh Shoji Co., Ltd. (Japan)

63 Zhejiang Silk Memory Brand Management Co., Ltd.

64 Nanchong Shang Hao Mublerry Tea Co., Ltd.

65 Suzhou Xiancan Silk Biotech Co., Ltd.

66 Huzhou Mu Chen Culture Development Co., Ltd.

67 Hangzhou Aurora Industrial Co., Ltd.

68 Guangxi Cocoon & Silk Exchange Co., Ltd.

69 Shengzhou City Necktie Association

70 Maidilang Group Co., Ltd.

71 Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co., Ltd. (China)

72 Kei Meas Handicrafts (Cambodia)

73 Lao Sericulture Co., Ltd. (Laos)

74 Uzbek Research Institute of Natural Fibers (Uzbekistan)

75 Technology Center of Nanning Customs District

76 Tarim University

77 Hand Touch (Bangladesh)

78 Color Silk (Cambodia)

79 Profits Fund Global Holding Ltd. (Hong Kong, China)

80 Sichuan Antai Cocoon Silk Group Co., Ltd. 

81 Zhejiang Canyuan Home Textile Co., Ltd. 

82 Zhejiang Light Industrial Products Inspection and Research Institute

83 Hangzhou China Silk Town

84 Qianteng Exhibition (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

85 Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce

*The list is sorted according to the batches joining ISU.