The Progress on Silk Sustainable Research of ISU

Time:2022-03-08 Source:本站

Adhering to sustainable development and achieving carbon neutrality have become the consensus and focus of competition in the international silk industry. On June 10, 2021, ISU hosted the “2021 International Think Tank Forum on Silk Sustainable Development”, and jointly issued the "Proposal for the Comprehensive and Objective Assessment of Life Cycle of Silk Products" with International Sericulture Commission (ISC), Ufficio Italiano Seta (UIS), INTERSOIE France and Brazilian Silk Association (ABRASEDA), actively promotes the Life Cycle Assessment of silk products.

On January 18, 2022, during the “LCA Working Group Meeting of Full Industry Chain of Sericulture & Silk”, Rick Li, secretary-general of ISU, reviewed the progress on silk sustainable research of ISU since June 2021. So far, ISU actively builds a platform, gathers experts and scholars in the field of silk sustainability from various countries, provides support in industrial research, academic research, theme seminars, publicity and promotion, etc., and jointly promotes silk LCA research, aiming to maintain the sustainable image of silk.