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International Silk Union(ISU) is an international and specialized non-profit organization in the silk industry which is voluntarily constituted by the enterprises and related organizations of all silk manufacturing and consuming countries. The union is to promote communication and cooperation of the silk industry among countries, and promote the progress and development on international silk culture, education, scientific research, design, production, standards and testing, trade and consumption etc. In order to make the union members more representative, extensive and international, the accession conditions are complemented as follows on the base of ISU constitution, article 8 and article 9.

1. Accession conditions

1) The Chinese silk enterprises with the silk goods annual sales income of more than 50 million yuan;

2) The silk enterprises awarded the title of World Intangible Culture Heritage or China Intangible Culture Heritage;

3) The silk enterprises or organizations with product uniqueness and resource scarcity in the silk industry;

4) The silk related and influential tertiary institutions, research institute and quality testing unit;

5) The silk associations, organizations and enterprises outside of China.

2. The silk enterprises or organizations which meet one of the above conditions can voluntarily fill the application form and submit to ISU secretariat.

3. According to the union constitution, the new application shall be fully discussed by ISU secretariat, examined and approved by all ISU executive directors, then the formal accession notice can be published. There are twice application approval each year, in March and September(Slightly adjusted according to actual situation).

International Silk Union Constitution.pdf

Application Form for ISU.docx