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Visit Member Units, Improve Service Quality of ISU

Time:2019-04-14 Source:本站

In order to understand the development status and requirement of member units, keep contact between ISU secretariat and member units, ISU visited some member units from Shandong, Sichuan and Chongqing in China, held a meeting with local government and member units, discussing the development of international silk industry, drawing the future of international silk industry.

On March 16, 2019, Mr. Li Jilin, chairman of ISU, and Ms. Bian Xinger, vice secretary-general of ISU went to Qingdao to visit Shandong Hirun Investment Group Co., Ltd., had a communication with president Yang Guoliang and vice president Wang Ying about business status, ISU works and International silk Industry, etc., hoping a more close contact and interaction.

On April 8, Mr. Li Jilin, Mr. Fei Jianming, secretary-general of ISU, and Ms. Liu Shuangshuanng, secretary of ISU together went to Chengdu to visit Sichuan Academy of Silk Science, had a communication with Mr. Chen Xiangping, honorary president of the Academy and president of Sichuan Silk Association. President Chen Xiangping introduced the scale and development of Sichuan Academy of Silk Science, and now the main business are project, platform and technical services. Chairman Li Jilin introduced the development status of ISU since it’s established. International influence is expanding year by year, he added, ISU secretariat will further strengthen the service and promote communication and cooperation among member units.


On April 9, chairman Li Jilin and other entourage went to Nanchong, having a deep communication with Li Zaiwei, deputy mayor of Nanchong City, Zhang Xiangjun, deputy secretary-general of Nanchong City, He Wenming, deputy brueau chief of Nanchong Commercial Affairs Bureau, Zhang Xiaoling, deputy researcher of Nanchong Economic and Information Technology Commission, and Li Wei, president of Nanchong Silk Association. The participants watched the Nanchong silk promotional film and expressed appreciation for the achievements of Nanchong.

Deputy mayor Li Zaiwei introduced the development status of Nanchong silk industry, and expressed to build regional brand system of "China Silk Capital·Nanchong". Deputy brueau chief He Wenming made recommendations of the cooperation of Nanchong silk industry with ISU. Chairman Li Jilin introduced the ISU, there is more than 110 companies and organizes from 17 countries and regions since its established, including 5 national industry organizations. ISU also has 5 professional committees, History Culture, Education Culture, Fashion Design and Technical Innovation professional committee have held inaugural meetings and carried out a series of activities. The establishment of Trade Manufacture professional committee is in preparation. Chairman Li also said that ISU will further implement the principle of "communication and cooperation, development with concerted efforts", and improve the value of the union through service quality to obtain the support of the member units. Secretary-general Fei Jianming said that ISU secretariat will continue to work hard on the service to make a small contribution to the international silk industry, promoting the development of Nanchong Silk Industry in international exchanges and cooperation.

On the afternoon, with the company of representative of Nanchong Silk Association, chairman Li Jilin and other entourage went to visit the factories of  Sachem Textile and Shangfei Garment, and the museums of ethnic cloth and silk painting.

ISU secretariat held a meeting with member units of Sachem, Liuhe, Ygor and Yinhai Silk. Chairman Li Jilin introduced the work carried out since the establishment of union to the member units and expressed the hope that the member units would provide valuable opinions on the ISU development and the exchange of industry information. Representatives of the member units exchanged views on the development of the company and hot topics in the international silk industry. Finally, president Li Wei introduced the export situation of Nanchong silk and said that ISU is an important platform for exchange and cooperation in the silk industry. The World Silk Website has narrowed the industry distance and hopes that ISU will strongly support the development of Nanchong silk.

On the morning of April 10, chairman Li Jilin and his party visited the silk experience hall, liuhe patio, silk reeling equipment experience hall and liuhe historical and cultural gallery of Liuhe Group in the company of Nanchong Silk Association.

In the afternoon, chairman Li Jilin and his entourage went to Chongqing to visit Chongqing Hongmeida Hin Hing Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd., had an in-depth exchange with president Wang Xiaohui. Chairman Li Jilin introduced the original intention of union and the work carried out in recent years. President Wang Xiaohui introduced the development process of the company and the main business at current stage. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the construction of sericulture base, the production of whole industry chain and product development, etc.  

Through the visit, ISU conducted field research on the development status of member units, and listened in detail to the current major difficulties and existing problems of member units, and has guiding significance for the work of ISU Secretariat. Chairman Li Jilin expressed to the member units that the secretariat will further improves its services, make its own characteristics, give full play to the role of the union platform, and strengthen international communication and cooperation among the member units.