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How to identify the quality of silk

Time:2017-04-01 Source:yetaa.com


Silk's "true" word is different from the artificial silk, silk products, such as co-fibrils in terms of "real" silkworm silk. Therefore, its quality is the difference between true and false identification of the first, followed by the "true" in the pros and cons.

1. silk and chemical fiber silk difference:

Appearance: superior drape of silk fiber silk, not as stiff as the fiber; hands feel soft, smooth, rich, cool; and chemical fiber silk slip feel dry, dry, hot summer and cold in winter, the lack of flexibility. Experienced people in the industry can be judged true or false with a vision.
Identification: The simplest method is to draw samples from a little silk thread, lit blow out, sniffing about smoke, and hairy is the silk burnt smell, because silk is a protein fiber, and hair, wool, the smell of lit the same. The fiber is a petrochemical product, according to species (Di, Jin, nitrile, chloride, C ... ...) of different smells different.
2. silk products, textile divided according to organizational structure, ramp, satin, crepe, Joe, raw silk and other differences, in general, Joe, thinnest raw silk, crepe, satin thick, and spinning classes centered. Although silk is characterized by soft, cool, best for summer wear, but I do not like too thin silk. Because too thin give people the feeling is too close, not only the visual effect is not good, and a sweat to stick to the body but very indecent, not comfortable. My personal favorite relatively heavy Suzhou Duan, adopt a new wrinkle, heavy crepe, crepe and other varieties of music crown, worn on the body give the luxurious and stately, rich and beautiful experience. Note that the same trade name products such as Suzhou Duan, can have different specifications No: 14654,14101,14116 and so on, mainly in the thickness on the difference.

3, silk processing distinguished by a common dyeing silk yarn-dyed woven silk and cooked the points, the so-called conventional dyeing silk is a common method of silk reeling, silk fabric, degumming scouring, dyeing and printing the resulting silk. First silk yarn-dyed silk is degummed, then go to the silk dyeing, weaving after that is finished. The biggest difference between the two is the appearance of dyed silk close, very flat, you can have flash and color effects. Europe, America and Hong Kong this year, the most popular product is dyed silk taffeta and flash colored silk yarn-dyed two-house (a twin system of silk cocoon reeling silk woven).

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