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Fei Jianming: Clearing The Clouds To See Vietnam

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Fei Jianming: Clearing The Clouds To See Vietnam

In March this year, we were invited to participate in Vietnam-Asia Silk Culture Festival, which was held in Hoi An. We closely contacted with the customs and social situations in Vietnam, and clear the clouds to get a glimpse into a silhouette of Vietnam.

Charm And Mystery Of Hoi An Silk Village

On the occasion of the 16th ceremony of World Cultural Heritage of Hoi An recognized by UNESCO (1999 – 2016), the 300th ceremony of sericulture development in Hoi An – Quang Nam and the 41st Liberation Ceremony of Hoi An City, the Boards of Director of Quang Nam Silk Joint Stock Company organized the Vietnam – Asia Silk Culture Festival 2016 at Hoi An Silk Village. The words in the invitation contain a lot of information, but we still have no concept with Hoi An Silk Village. What kind of silk village that is capable of holding the Asian Silk Cultural Festival? Many members of International Silk Union enrolled in this event with great curiosity. 

We set off on March 27th by the direct flight of VietJet Air. It is frustrating that the flight is delayed. After boarding, we found the whole cabin with tourists. It was 2:00AM on March 28th when we arrived at Da Nang. The airport customs clearance is very convenient, with no inconveniences and heavy guard as we imagined.  The car arranged by Hoi An Silk Village was waiting outside the airport. One hour later, we free checked in the hotel in the village. The big rooms and high-quality interior facilities make us believe the promise that they arranged 4-star hotel for guests.

After dawn, Hoi Silk Village opened its hazy veil. The silk village is not rural or village in concept, but a new area outside Hoi An Ancient Town---the world heritage. The new area is with narrow streets, and the houses are strewn at random. It is not like the new area in our country which is planned orderly and has many high-rises, but it looks fresh and natural, clean and warm. Hoi An Silk Village should be said that a Vietnamese version of the silk creative park, and the Vietnam – Asia Silk Culture Festival was held in the park.

The guests attending the festival are from China, Thailand, India, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland, also including Vietnam Quang Nam provincial officials, Hoi An municipal officials and representatives from 200 clothing stores in Hoi An. Sit on the open space surrounded in the old buildings and trees, and watch the dance performances, leadership speech, guest speech, organizer acknowledge, cutting the ribbon, which is the same with the opening ceremony in our country. The process is readily available and no difference. The difference is Vietnamese folk dance, and the translation needs Chinese, English and Vietnamese. During the dance performance, the guests were invited to the ritual blessing ceremony. This is regarded as a kind of customs of Vietnam.


After the opening ceremony, the guests visited the silk business exhibitions from each country. The exhibits are colorful and mainly to communicate, of course, can be traded. We also visited the exhibition hall of Hoi An Silk Village, and some traditional crafts, like silk reeling, rolling, and weaving. The most ancient craft techniques and facilities are recounting 300 years of history changes of Vietnamese silk.

In the afternoon, the seminar themed “Silk in Modern Life” was held, and the entrepreneurs from each country published their experiences and insights in innovative development, and expected the healthy development of the international silk industry. At night, the catwalk was arranged and not too professional models wearing Vietnamese national costume –Ao Dai, walked happily on the stage.

One day down, the charm and mystery of Hoi An Silk Village is gradually subsided. We understand the past and present of Vietnam silk, but also realize the craving development aspirations of the Vietnamese silk enterprises. It is worth mentioning that the reception capacity of Hoi An Silk Village in the conference dining. The buffet meals for hundreds of people were arranged properly, whether the food products, seats, space, or environmental sanitation and services, they are all impeccable. Simultaneously, the overall design and operation mode of Hoi An Silk Village also attracted study interest of Chinese entrepreneurs. It can also become reference template of Chinese style Silk and Culture Creative Park.

The Bustling Hoi An Ancient Town

In the morning of March 29th, Hoi An Silk Village arranged all the guests to visit Hoi An Ancient Town. Hoi An Ancient Town has no walls, even no significant intervals with the new area. The tour guide took us to a junction and told us the town was inside. On the logo, it says no car can be inside from 9:00 to 17:00. We arrived there shortly after 9:00, it had few people on the streets and many shops on the street were not open. Then there were more and more people. After 10:00, the streets were crowded and bustling. The houses on the streets are not like China's four ancient cities, which within each of the ancient cities is an architectural style. Hoi An Ancient Town has Chinese, Japanese, French and Southeast Asian-style buildings at the same time. It can be said to Hoi An cultural diversity, also the unfortunate of Hoi An history.

The most famous in the ancient town is a centuries-old Japanese Corridor Bridge. The stone dog and stone monkey were squatting at the two ends of the bridge, which was revered as the dog god and monkey god by ancient residents. Chinese were living in the side of monkey god, and Japanese were living in the side of dog god. The flowing river is under the bridge, but the water is turbid and black, which is really not harmonious with the cultural heritage. The town is not industrial area, and the water may presumably be contaminated with domestic sewage. It should not be difficult to govern.


The largest courtyard in the ancient town is the Fujian Hall. Pavilions, Taihu stone and glazed tile are completely like Chinese garden style. It is the only place needs another ticket.

It has the largest number of clothing stores, which are mostly selling Vietnamese folk clothes. We had an iced coffee in a cafe, and its small dining table is the sewing machine frame without head. Thinking of yesterday's Asian silk culture festival, it is said that there were more than 200 clothing stores representatives attending the festival, we could not help lamenting silk garment industry has an important position in Hoi An. While China's emerging private and exclusive custom, actually has stretched so far in Vietnam.

The largest number of tourists is Europeans. This may be related to the French colonial, also more likely the famous of the world's cultural heritage. In terms of government investment in the world's cultural heritage scenic, Hoi An is certainly far less than some cities in China, but how to attract international visitors is actually very worth to learn for us. I think merchant integrity is a compulsory course. In a travel goods shop, our colleague took a fancy to an old porcelain jar, asked for the price and then the years. The young salesgirl said “5 year, new.” Our colleague wanted to counteroffer but not succeed. At last, our colleague was still pleased to pay and felt at ease. It is unlike shopping in attractions in our country, even counteroffer successfully, we still feel uneasy for being slaughtered.

The Da Nang Night Scenery

I return back Da Nang after that I said goodbye with colleagues who attend Vietnam-Asia Silk Festival and the Hoi An Silk Village directors and volunteers in the afternoon. Da Nang has the unique geographical position. This city locates in the middle of Vietnam map and near the South Sea. On the North and South Vietnam divided period, this city belonged to the south Vietnam. After the liberation, perhaps for the purpose of eliminating the old concept, the Vietnamese government divided Vietnam territory into northern part, central part, southern part, so Da Nang just like Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh became one of the center city of three major area. As the result that Da Nang develops fast into a modern city, and now became the third largest city of Vietnam. It is Da Nang 41 liberation anniversary on March 29, We can't see the festive atmosphere in the street on the daytime , however, I was impressive by motorcycle traffic after work time, but seldom see police guarded and also there was no traffic jams, bus, car, motorcycle clamp wrapped and flow together. If Vietnam is not a inclusion and comity consensus national, this road may be a big mess.

At night with lights flashing, the main roads decorated lights arch which is a celebration of color makeup. When we reached the large square near a river, there was performing song and dance, which is the culmination of a celebration. Thousands of people were orderly watching, the former two rows matching with tables should be prepared for the top guest to enjoy the stage performance, which should be the state system features. We sat boat at night to travel Da Nang Han River, on which has quite a few tall buildings on both river sides. The several bridges we got through appear bright under the effect of lighting engineering. Tour guide specially introduced a dragon bridge, a dragon along with the bridge, the dragon head leading up to the sea, under the lamplight shine, the brige is very bright. In this quiet and peaceful night, the tour guide introduced Da Nang public security environment is the best in Vietnam with few theft robbery crime. But the only casino also located at the crown hotel Da Nang Vietnam, which running by Chinese and only opened to foreigners. This is the alternative in the socialist system, called or the pious covered face, or in order to earn foreign exchange, or not stick around national people, let others comment which is right and wrong.

The Hue Ancient Capital And Tomb

     After one night sweet sleep, we crossed the Hai Van Mountain from the Da Nang to the Hue ancient capital. Hai Van Mountain is the natural barrier for the north and south Vietnam, known as one of the 50 palaces to go in life. That day it`s foggy and the visibility is low, so we can't feel the wonders, The saying surely should be bluff from poetic` and travels`.

    The Hue ancient capital also is Vietnam thirteenth generation palace location. Allegedly this palace imitated the Beijing imperial palace, built moat, walls, meridian gate, the hall of supreme harmony, the queen mother chambers, opera stage and so on.In the north and south Vietnam divided period, the northern Vietnam guerrillas had been there and after the hovering bomb by the U.S., the king's house flattened, leaved only a moldering wall stood on empty place. The existing moat, walls, meridian gate, the hall of supreme harmony, the queen mother chambers, opera stage etc. were reconstructed according to the original building after liberation in 1975. Vietnam financial resources are limited, so rehabilitation speed is slow. There are still many ancient heritage not in rebuilding, while the built well is going to be old and few glory. But from it whether we can feel out the Vietnam national toughness and a kind of respect for the national ancestors? In contrast, according to China's existing financial resources, we restore the Chinese Summer Palace was burnt by the eight-power allied forces should be a cinch, but why still not on the agenda?


We arrived at Vietnam twelfth generation king's tomb in the afternoon. The previous king capital didn't build king's tombs, while the thirteen generation king were gone into captivity in African law belongs to the French territory by the French colonists. The twelve generations tomb is not far from the Hue ancient capital and was built in 1934, which also is well preserved after wars. Public known the position of the coffin, his remains body at 37 meters deep of the surface of 12 generations baling hall, but no authority or the grave robbers laid hands on there. This should be the ethics and values difference between Chinese society and Vietnam.


In the ancient palace and the Kings tomb, what guide taboo words was the character we can be seen everywhere. It is conceivable that it was not until 1934 that the Vietnamese words were the same with Chinese characters. When the France invaded and colonized Vietnam, Vietnam was forced to abandon Chinese Character to French Character, after France force fled and Vietnam independence, character evolved into Vietnamese. So how regrettable and blemish it is that the same roots of words have been strangers now.

The Most Beautiful Fishing Village And Sea Beach

Over the Hai Van Mountain, the tour guide let us take photos, told that is the most beautiful village in Vietnam. The fishing village indeed has the stunning beauty. Fishing village is a small island and close to land,while there are two overpass connected with land and golden beaches zigzag around on the island. Local-styled red tile white wall strewn at random discretion in the green vegetation with a feeling thick wealth and happiness, this is not only a fishing village, but a countless people dream palace around the sea.


 In Da nang, Tour guide introduces to us the most beautiful beach in Vietnam - the My Khe Beach in Ling Ying Temple. Vietnam's territory just like women's charming body, coastline from north to south extension, so the beach also countless in Vietnam, while the My Khe Beach could be counted so there must be some its special beauty. I stood at 68 meters of Ling Ying temple before Guan Yin Imagine ,the My Khe Beach presented the beauty of eye can't see the the flat beach end . Behind the sand is modern building in Da Nang. To see the mirage in trance, I don't know the body is in heaven or on earth. Da Nang government open all the beaches in connecting the city to the public free of charge and all beaches on the outskirts transfer to the hotels, ranked first in Asia of Da Nang Intercontinental Hotel is among them. So citizens can play on the beaches or to the sea swimming at any time, with successively ranked international five-star hotels in the distance, it is the so-called each other gets the best belongs location .

A Vietnam Silhouette

In short four days in Vietnam, we arrived in the Hoi Ann, Da Nang, Hue city, participated in the silk culture festival, also visited the ancient city, the Hue ancient capital and King` tomb ,watched Da Nang night scene ,Vietnam the most beautiful fishing village and the most beautiful beach. Some ISU members who travel to Vietnam also visited the silkworm base, large garment factories and textile machinery exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. It should be said to catch a glimpse and have some idea on Vietnam by this travel.

First, Vietnam has riveting all his strength to develop silk and it is reported that Vietnam's exported to Japan twisting wire had more than China. China is now a silk superpower, but we shall not underestimate the resilience of Vietnam. When he wants to do something, he maybe really can become his dream.

Second, the Vietnam Character shared the same root with Chinese character. In theory, the Vietnam ethics and values should also ties with China in the history, but due to China's development trajectory, something seems to be lost, it is worth to alerting.

Third, Vietnam economic development speed can`t catch up with China, but Vietnam social is stable and harmony. Especially the most beautiful village is in stark contrast to some Chinese island where nobody and house empty and weeds in sight. Rapid economic growth in China should paid more attention to the livelihood of the people.

Fourth, I rethink the above mentioned China and Vietnam could not explain clearly association, we can only say that China and Vietnam as two sovereign countries. Both have their own national interests on the international stage game. We should bear in mind the friendship between countries, forget hatred and respect each other and settle their differences with great wisdom. I trust the best way of development is only getting along with each other in friendly exchanges and mutual learning.



Jian Ming Fei

Hangzhou April 24 2016