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Pre-notice on the 2019 International Silk Union Members Assembly

Time:2019-07-10 Source:ISU Secretariat

To all ISU members,

According to the 2019 work schedule of International Silk Union(ISU), the 2019 International Silk Union Members Assembly will be held in Tonglu, Hangzhou, China on October 24, 2019, reporting the main work carried out since the establishment of ISU, completing the election procedure of new ISU structure, and exploring the future work plan and development direction of ISU, etc.

The tentative schedule during 2019 ISU Members Assembly is arranged as follows:


ISU secretariat welcomes all the member units to actively participate in the meeting.

In order to facilitate your arrangement, ISU secretariat sends the pre-notice firstly, and will send the formal notice in time after the meeting agenda and detail schedule are determined.

Contact person: Ms. Pepper Liu

Office phone: 0086-571-85098606

Official email: 



International Silk Union Secretariat

July 10, 2019