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Mrs. Grégoire Trudeau at China National Silk Museu

Time:2016-09-11 Source:中国丝绸博物馆


Mrs. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, coined as “Canada’s fashion icon”,

visited Hangzhou with her husband and 7-year-old daughter,

Ella-Grace, during the G20 Summit 2016. The Canadian first family

have visited many places during their tour in China to get known

 about Chinese traditional culture, while Sophie demonstrated

her deep understanding and fondness for fashion.


In the afternoon of September 3, Sophie and Ella-Grace paid a

 visit to China National Silk Museum. The museum has just

undergone its major renovation and expansion project in the

past one year re-opening a new Fashion Gallery and a few more




Dr, Zhao Feng, the Museum Director, led the tour for Canada’s first

 lady. When they stopped at the Textile Training Center, Grace was

her eyes glued to activities of painting and tie-dyeing made by children

 from Daguan Primary School. Sophie encouraged her to join the activity

group, while she herself went on the visiting of the Fashion Gallery,

sometime jokingly known as “the most luxurious dressing room”.


The exhibits showcase items such as Chinese cheongsam, Chanel suits

 in 1960s, and dresses, gloves, feather caps, etc. for European ladies

 from 16th to 19th century, which all lit up Sophie’s eyes, “I am the

right person you should invite to see this gallery…”

Sophie definitely is a stylish icon. She is so familiar with those

designers.’ Said by Director Zhao Feng.


When they returned to the public space, Grace had finished her weaving:

a scarf of 30 cm with a loom within half an hour. She wore it in delight.

On September 5, Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping,

 invited the wives of state leaders attending the G20 summit to visit

the China Academy of Art, and Sophie and Zhao Feng met again

when the guests enjoyed “The Past and Present of Chinese Silk”

 exhibition, displaying collections from China National Silk Museum.


Dr. Zhao Feng made a specific guide tour to the first ladies, particular

drawn attentions on several pieces of clothes with stories.  For example,

 a piece of robe with lotus design, unearthed lately from Huangyan,

Zhejiang, representing the highest level of silk weaving in the Southern

Song Dynasty. It is repaired and conserved by China National Silk Museum,

who owns the highest technology of textile conservation in China.