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Huzhou Textile (series 5)

Time:2016-04-14 Source:worldsilk

As the saying goes, Huzhou silk makes the nation`s clothes .Textile industry is an industry of great significance in Huzhou. The Twelfth Five-year Plan developed into a domestic textile industrial cluster .This year is the last year of the Twelfth Five-year Plan. and now Huzhou has 2 top brand products in China,4 famous trademarks in China, 13 top brand produces and 41 famous trademarks in Zhejiang Province. Constructions of silkmanufacturing .filament manufacturing ,cotton corduroy making garment lining ,cashmere and wool producing , children`s clothing manufacturing ,functional fiber and industrial testile products making have become the basic frames of establishing a modern textile industry in Huzhou.


As the most established textile base in Zhejiang, Huzhou textile industry enjoys a long history and soild foundation ,Its key technologies and equipments have reached advanced level in China and among other countries in the world .Computerized flat knitting machine. Warp knitting machine, shuttleless loom ,rotor spinning ,non-woven production equipment printing and drying ,measurement of color matching system have been used for many years, the skills and technologies have already matured .Nowdays, Huzhou`s textile industry has entered a soft-power-driven stage, with focus on an overall enhancement of product design,quality control ,business management ,,business information sharing and network  construction .Now ,Huzhou has 1 national technical center ,5 provinclal technical centers ,14 provincial R&D centers,11 municipal technical centers.


Huzhou`s textile industry made great achievement in cultivating and introducing supportive key enterprises into the city. There are 70 enterprises listed as key textile industries of Huzhou city. From January to June in 2015 ,they hold 43.2 % of the totol sales and 38.91% of the profits in Huzhous in Huzhou`s textile industry.


Ther is a rapid growth in Huzhou`s textile and garment industry .With the change of the general environment ,in recent years, the industry enters a normal new stage, enjoy a slow but steady growth. As the leading industry of the six key industries nurtured by Huzhou government. Text and garment industry shows great pioneering spirit on its way of exploring and developing new models. The textile and garment operators combines soft fiber with financing and some diving factors, cultivating new advantage in technology, creativity ,brand identity and management.At the stsrting point of the silk Road, textile and garment industry seized the initiative in its transformation and upgrading.