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2023 ISU Members Assembly was held in Lyon, France.

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In adherence to the principle of "Communication & Cooperation, Development with Concerted Efforts", on November 15, during the "Silk in Lyon", at the invitation of UNITEX, the vice chairman unit of International Silk Union (ISU), “2023 ISU Members Assembly & International Forum on Sericulture Silk Industry Development Trend” was held in Lyon, France. The meeting reviewed the second council's work report of ISU, elected a new set of organizational structures, discussed future work plans and development directions, and conducted thematic discussions on topics such as the current status of sericulture and silk industries in various countries, sustainable development and new trends in the international silk industry.


Li Xin, director of Trade Management Department of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, China, Xavier de la Selle, director of Gadagne Museum, France, P. Sivakumar, secretary general of International Sericultural Commission(ISC), Monica Musenero, minister of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Uganda, Cristianne Cordeiro Nascimento, Parana State Secretary of Education, Nuchjaree Watcharawongpaiboon, director of the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture, Thailand, and other relevant government leaders and guests from various countries, as well as the ISU Honorary Chairmen Chen Wenxing, Tang Lin, Zhao Feng, ISU Chairman Zhang Guoqiang, ISU vice chairmen/chairwomen Xavier Lepingle, Laura Sofia Clerici, Renata Amano, Ji Xiaofen, and nearly 150 ISU member representatives and silk industry representatives from 16 countries and regions including France, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ghana, Romania, Spain, Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, and China attended the meeting offline or online. The "2023 ISU Members Assembly" was presided over by Zhang Guoqiang.


Li Xin delivered the welcome speech, emphasizing the ISU's efforts to serve the industry and businesses since its establishment, providing a platform for the sustainable and healthy development of the silk industry. He expressed hope that representatives from various countries could freely express their opinions during the meeting, contribute ideas for the future of the silk industry, and outlined three expectations for the new council: (1) deepening communication between enterprises and governments; (2) conducting industry consultations and research; (3) actively participating in international economic and trade activities.


Xavier de la Selle delivered the welcome speech, expressing his welcome to colleagues from the silk industry gathered in Lyon, France. He introduced the development history of Lyon, the silk capital of France, and provided an overview of the Lyon Gadagne Museum and the ongoing exhibitions. He hoped that through this meeting, communication between silk industries of various countries would be enhanced, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the silk industry.


Zhang Guoqiang presented the work report of the second council of ISU. With the active participation of members and strong support from various sectors of society, the second council continued to serve as a platform for the international interconnection, mutual construction, and win-win cooperation of the silk industry, making positive contributions to the healthy, stable, and sustainable development of the international silk industry. He gave a detailed introduction from 8 aspects: (1) Holding conferences and forums; (2) Conducting sustainable research; (3) Strengthening industrial exchanges; (4) Serving the industry development; (5) Improving the organizational structure; (6) Expanding dissemination channels; (7) Preparing for the new general assembly; (8) Future work directions.


The meeting elected the organizational structure of the third council of ISU, consisting of 114 enterprises and organizations from 30 countries and regions, including 31 executive members and 83 council members. The meeting also elected the chairman, vice chairmen/chairwoman, and secretary-general, appointing honorary chairman and deputy secretary-general. The list of the new organizational structure is as follows.

The Third Council Structure of ISU

The meeting adjusted the Organizational Structure and Operational Mechanism of ISU, reorganized the original professional committees, established the Industry Development Strategy Committee (IDSC) and Sub Domain Technical Committee (SDTC). During the third council, the committees' operation mechanisms will be formulated, and senior experts from around the world will be nominated and recommended.


Representatives from nine countries and regions were invited to introduce the development of the silk industry in their respective countries.


Chen Wenxing

Honorary chairman of ISU, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Academician Chen Wenxing introduced the current status of the silk industry in China and internationally, as well as the development characteristics and technological research directions of China's sericulture and silk industry.


 Xavier Lepingle

Vice chairman of ISU, Vice president of UNITEX, CEO of Holding Textile Hermès

Xavier Lepingle introduced the basic situation of UNITEX and the French silk industry, including production trade, product manufacturing, ecological responsibility, LCA research, supply chain quality and traceability.


Laura Sofia Clerici 

Vice chairwoman of ISU, President of Italian Silk Office, General manager of TESEO SpA

Laura Sofia Clerici introduced the situation of the Italian silk industry from the aspects of silk production and trade data, sustainable and LCA research, silk Communication, and silk quality.


Renata Amano

Vice chairwoman of the ISU, President of Brazilian Silk Association, COO of BRATAC

Renata Amano introduced the basic situation of the representative silk enterprise BRATAC in Brazil and the efforts of the Brazilian Silk Association in promoting the development of the Brazilian silk industry.


P. Sivakumar

Secretary general of International Sericultural Commission

P. Sivakumar introduced the basic situation of the International Sericulture Commission, expressing the hope to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in silk sustainability research, industrial production research, silk promotion, and protection of silk interests.


Paul K. Ntaanu

Council member of ISU, Chairman of African Silk Network and Founder &Technical director of Sericulture Promotion and Development Association, Ghana

Paul K. Ntaanu introduced the current status and problems of the silk industry and sericulture in Africa and Ghana, as well as the background and basic situation of the African Silk Network.


Riccardo Pfenninger

Executive member of ISU, CEO of Trudel Fashion Group

Riccardo Pfenninger introduced the challenges and development trends of the European fashion industry in organic certification, circular recycling, fair trade, life cycle assessment, regenerative agriculture, etc., and hoped to strengthen communication and cooperation to promote the sustainable development of the silk industry.


Francesco Ongetta

Council member of ISU, Deputy general manager of Italtextil Sarata SRL(Romania) and Ongetta SRL

Francesco Ongetta highlighted the urgent need for the silk industry in LCA research, participation in textile exchanges, and strengthening third-party communication.


Suthira Ponjaruen

Sericultural product expert of the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture

Suthira Ponjaruen introduced the current situation of the silk industry in Thailand and the work carried out by the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture in mulberry and silkworm breeding, product development, and technical training, etc.

Chairman Zhang Guoqiang made a concluding speech, expressing gratitude for the trust and support from the ISU member units and industry colleagues. He stated that the union would strengthen its work in four aspects: (1) Keeping on Deepening Exchanges and Cooperation; (2) Giving Full Play to the Role of Expert Think Tank; (3) Enhancing International Influence; (4) Consolidating the Construction of the ISU Secreariat. The goal is to build an industry service platform, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and strive to make the International Silk Union a global international industry organization. Zhang Guoqiang called for the healthy and sustainable development of ISU, requiring the participation and support of industry colleagues, all member units of the union, and committee experts. He hoped that everyone would work together to build ISU platform for the beloved silk industry.


Following the "2023 ISU Members Assembly", the "International Forum on Sericulture Silk Industry Development Trend" was also held as scheduled. Nine experts from China, France, Italy, Brazil, and India delivered exciting speeches around the two main themes of silk sustainability and new trends. The forum also released the technical report on the "Rules for carbon footprint of mulberry silk products-Requirements and specification for quantification”, guiding the green and sustainable development of the international sericulture and silk industry, promoting international exchanges and cooperation in the silk industry, and facilitating the integrated development of the international silk industry.


After the forum, Zhang Guoqiang and others attended the "Silky Cities’s General Assembly". Hélène Dromain and Emeline Baume, vice presidents of the Metropole of Lyon , introduced the history of the Lyon silk industry and the fashion development of Lyon silk. they hoped that the younger generation would pay more attention to the silk industry. Xavier Lepingle introduced the importance of silk in Lyon, stating that silk fibers have extensive applications that can expand into biomedicine and other fields. He also expressed the hope for more publicity, promotion, and protection of silk. Millie Levien, the contact person for the Silky Cities, introduced the 2024 administrative arrangements and network optimization plans, discussed the work arrangements for 2024 with the participants.


During the forum, representatives from participating countries exchanged gifts, expressing gratitude for the communication and exchange platform provided by the ISU. They also hoped that representatives from silk industries in various countries could strengthen their connections and interactions to jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the international silk industry.