2022 International Silk Union Chairman Meeting was Held Online

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In order to stay abreast of the new dynamics of the global silk industry’s development paradigm, explore the green and low-carbon development route of the silk industry with focus on the new research, new technologies and new achievements in the field of silk, and on the international engagement role and cooperation in the industry, so as to facilitate the high-quality development of the silk industry, on December 21, “2022 International Think Tank Forum on Silk High-Quality Development and the International Silk Union Chairman Meeting” was held successfully.


The conference was sponsored by International Silk Union (ISU) and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU), organized by National Base for International Science and Technology Cooperation in Textiles and Consumer-Goods Chemistry, and supported by International Sericultural Commission (ISC), Ufficio Italiano Seta (UIS), Intersoie France, Brazilian Silk Association, etc. ISU chairman Zhang Guoqiang and relevant government departments, industry organizations, enterprises and research institutes, totally more than 100 representatives from China, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan, India, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, the Philippines and other countries and regions, attended the meeting online through the Zoom video platform, and more than 6,400 people watched the conference live.


Li Xin, director of Foreign Trade Division, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, delivered a speech for the conference. Li Xin introduced the historical heritage of the silk industry in Zhejiang, as well as Zhejiang's policy support for the silk industry, and said the conference was held at the right time, it is hoped that the ISU continues to be a good bridge between business and government, and actively promotes the international economic and trade activities, linking governments, enterprises and organizations, and jointly promotes the internationalization and high-quality development of the silk industry.


Rick Li, secretary-general of ISU, on behalf of chairman Zhang Guoqiang, presented the "ISU Report in 2022 and Work Plan in 2023 ". In 2022, under the guidance of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Provincial and the Overseas NGO Administrative Office of Public Security Department of Zhejiang Province, facing the new challenges posed by Covid-19 epidemic, and adhering to the purpose of “Communication & Cooperation, Development with Concerted Efforts”, ISU maintained close contact with relevant government departments, industry organizations, enterprises and colleges, so as to serve the development of the international silk industry. Nine aspects of work have been carried out in a targeted manner, making positive contributions to promoting the sustainable development of the silk industry.


1. Organize and promote the life cycle accounting of sericulture & silk products;

2. Carry out in-depth investigation and research on the high-quality development of silk industry;

3. Organize member units to participate in the “2022 International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles”;

4. Organize member units to participate in the “International Sericultural Commission Congress”;

5. Support the establishment of the “ZSTU Silk Public Welfare Development Fund”;

6. Edit and publish the ISU proceedings “ISU NEWS”;

7. Publicize the ISU member units and key silk companies;

8. Newly develop seven union member units from six countries and regions;

9. Optimize the construction of ISU secretariat and publicity matrix.

ISU Secretariat introduced the “Statistics on ISU Activities Participation of Member Units”. According to the ISU Constitution and Operational Mechanism, the Secretariat will make a comprehensive assessment taking into account the Statistics, the member’s influence and the countries and regions’ coverage, as an important basis for the Secretariat's recommendation in the ISU organizational restructuring in 2023.


Six international silk industry representatives, Stefano Vitali, vice chairman of ISU, president of UIS, Xavier Lepingle, vice chairman of ISU, president of Intersoie France, general manager of Holding Textile Hermes, Dileep Kumar R, executive director of ISC, Reza Sourati Zanjani, head of Iran Silk Research Center, Cheryl G. Lopez, senior science research specialist, DOST-PTRI, Sukunya Chumchuen, agriculture research officer, and senior professional level of the Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture (QSDS), presented the development of the silk industry in their respective countries.


The International Think Tank Forum on Silk High-Quality Development set three sessions, including academician's report, high-quality reports, and sustainability reports. Ji Xiaofen, curator of China National Silk Museum (NSM), Zheng Jinhuan, director of National Base for International Science and Technology Cooperation in Textiles and Consumer-Goods Chemistry, chaired the forum.


Chen Wenxing, academician of CEA, vice chairman of ISU, president of ZSTU, and his project assist shared the “Research on High-quality Development of China's Silk Industry and Progress in International Cooperation”. Cao Jinru, professor of Institute of Sericulture and Tea of Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, director of Hangzhou Comprehensive Experiment Station, China Agriculture Research System -Sericulture, shared the “Progress on Industrial Rearing of Silkworm (Bombyx mori) with Formula Feed in all Instars”. Wang Xiaoqin, distinguished professor of Soochow University, chief scientist of Silk Protein Biotechnology of Cathaya, shared the “Research and Product Development of Medical Biomaterials based on Silk Proteins”. Gu Guoda, director of Institute of International Economics of Zhejiang University, shared the “Trade Scale and Market Structure of Modern World Raw Silk Market”. Tomoko Hashimoto, associate professor of Faculty of Textile Science and Technology of Shinshu University, shared the “Targeted Immobilization of Bioactive Peptides on Silk Fibroin-based Biomaterials”. Graziano Elegir, head of Innovhub Silk Division, shared the “Italian Silk LCA Research”. Joao Berdu, project manager of Vale da Seda, shared the “ISC and ISU Contacts with European Commission Directorate-General for Environment in 2022”. Amit Kumar, scientist-C of Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute of Central Silk Board, shared the “Indian Silk LCA Research 2022”. Xu Jianmei, associate professor of Soochow University, shared the “Life Cycle Assessment of Silk Products from Cradle to Gate: Methodology and Examples”. Wang Laili, professor of ZSTU, shared the “Technical Guildline for the Quantification and Report of the Life Cycle Carbon Footprint of Silk Products (Draft for Comment)”.


Rick Li made the conference summary. ISU Secretariat expressed thanks to the leaders, guests and industry colleagues who concerned and support the silk industry development, and hoped that ISU members from various countries can use their own platform advantages, actively promote the results of this think tank forum, continuing speaking out for silk Internationally.