Formal Approval on the 13th Batch of Member Units of ISU

Time:2022-12-20 Source:ISU Secretariat

To ISU Members,

According to the relevant provisions of International Silk Union (ISU) Constitution and accession measures, after the review and proposal of ISU secretariat, and approval of ISU executive directors, we agree the below 7 units to become the 13th batch of ISU members. Among them, 3 units from  Spain, the Philippines, Uganda are new country members. So far, the member units of ISU have expanded to 27 countries and regions.

1. Shengzhou Mulsun Biotech Co., Ltd. (China)

2. Zhejiang Jasan Holding Group Co., Ltd. (China)

3. Nilima Silks Private Limited (India) 

4. Philippine Textile Research Institute (the Philippines)

5. Visit Valencia (Spain)

6. Afro Silk Co. (Uganda)

7. Neo-Concept Group (Hong Kong, China)

ISU Secretariat

December 20, 2022