International Silk Union Participate in the MOU Members Meet & Greet of “Make the Label Count”

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On September 30, 2021, a video meeting for the MOU Members Meet & Greet of “Make the Label Count” initiated by the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) and Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) was held as scheduled. More than 30 field experts and representatives including International Silk Union (ISU), International Sericultural Commission (ISC), International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO), Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), Cotton Inc, Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute (CCMI), Discover Natural Fibers Initiative (DNFI), Lenzing, Brunswick Group attended the meeting. The meeting exchanged views on the sustainability of natural fibers, Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), the formulation of EU natural fiber policies and the launch plan of the "Make the Label Count".


"Make the Label Count" is an activity initiated for the purpose of advocating and protecting the sustainability of natural fibers. It aims to gather experts and related organizations in the field to work together to promote EU policy makers to have a deep understanding of the sustainability of natural fibers, and then formulate a more reasonable and sustainable product environmental footprint policy in line with natural fibers. IWTO and AWI Initiated the “Make the Label Count” Memorandum of Understanding, founding units include the AWI, IWTO, ISU, ISC, The Campaign for Wool, CCMI, Cotton Australia, Cotton Inc, DNFI, Fibershed, etc.


Rick Li, Secretary General of ISU

At the meeting, Rick Li, secretary-general of ISU, introduced the basic situation of the ISU and its sustainable work on silk, he also expressed, as the representative of international organization for the silk industry, ISU is willing to work with other natural fiber international organizations to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, maintain the fundamental interests of natural fibers, and promote the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the natural fiber industry. Wang Laili, associate professor of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University,  attended the meeting together.


ISU was established in 2015. The secretariat is located in Hangzhou, China, the representative city of Chinese silk. At present, there are more than 130 companies and organizations from 20 countries and regions joining us, including 5 national-level industry organizations and 6 professional committees, covered major silk consumption and production countries in the world. Starting in 2020, ISU has been officially included by Union of International Associations (UIA). On June 10, 2021, ISU held the International Forum on Silk Sustainable Development. With more than 200 silk experts and scholars from 22 countries and regions including China, Italy, and France and so on joined the meeting, ISU joined hands with ISC and Italy, France, Brazil silk association, published the Proposal for the Comprehensive and Objective Assessment of Life Cycle of Silk Products during the forum.


The launch of the "Make the Label Count" will be held at 11:00-13:00, October 13th, European time (17:00-19:00, October 13th, Beijing time). The main agenda includes keynote speech and panel discussion. Interested companies and relevant organizations register to participate in the video meeting through the link below, and jointly participate in the maintenance of the sustainable development of natural fibers.


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