Information Collection of Featured Silk Product from ISU Member Units

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Dear ISU members,

On June 10, 2021, International Silk Union (ISU) and the International Sericulture Commission (ISC) signed the Memorandum of Understanding, aiming to promote in-depth exchanges on the information exchange and resource sharing, etc. Recently, ISC plan to publish an English book "Silk Products of the World" in March 2022. In order to further deepen exchanges and promote ISU members and it's products, we are now collecting silk product information from the members, including product image and Chinese and English introduction, it will also indicate the country, the name of the company and the ISU members. 

The first part of the book will give an introduction of silk origin and its current position. And in the second part, the products and its description shall be given, each country will get 10-20 pages, and each page contain 1-2 images. The book may be about 400-500 pages. After the publish, the book will be released on ISC website, Facebook and other platforms, and the electronic version of the book will be provided to cooperating units and enterprises.


Product display template

The publication of "Silk Products of the World" is of great significance to the display of silk cultures in various countries and the international promotion of silk products. Interested members are requested to fill in the following attachment and send it to before September 25. The Secretariat will select some excellent products information and recommend it to ISC.

INTERNATIONAL SERICULTURAL COMMISSION is an inter-governmental organization dedicated to the development of sericulture and silk industry in the world with office located in Bengaluru, India. The commission has 35 associate members from 21 member countries. ISC’s main objective is the development of sericulture industry in existing and new areas through coordinated actions and convergence of programmes extended by different countries, international organizations and other agencies and to organise specialized programmes and activities in capacity building, volunteer expert services, establishing linkages among the sectors, and enhancing facilities for common use.

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 ISU Secretariat 

August 30, 2021