ISU Signed the Memorandum of Understanding with ISC

Time:2021-06-23 Source:ISU Secretariat


On June 10, 2021, the International Silk Union (ISU) and the International Sericulture Commission (ISC) signed the Memorandum of Understanding. Based on the original intention of serving the sericulture and silk industry, the two parties aim to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the cultivation of sericulture and silk talents, information exchange and resource sharing, project cooperation research, and exchange visits in related fields, so as to jointly make positive contributions to the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the international sericulture and silk industry.

Areas of Cooperation

1. Carry out exchanges and cooperation in information consulting, professional technology, industrial resources, and talent development;

2. Jointly carry out research projects in related fields of sericulture and silk, and share the results of cooperation;

3. Organize personnel visits and inspection exchanges in sericulture and silk related fields;

4. Participate in member assembly or other representative meetings organized by the other party as observer or guest;

5. Jointly organize international seminars, symposiums and training sessions related to sericulture and silk.

INTERNATIONAL SILK UNION is an international and specialized non-profit social organization in which enterprises and related organizations from the silk producing and consuming countries participate voluntarily. The secretariat is located in Hangzhou, China. At present, there has been more than 130 enterprises and organizations from 20 countries and regions joining ISU. Among them, Italy, France, Brazil, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. have joined in the form of national industry organization. ISU established the professional committees such as History Culture, Fashion Design, Education Research, and Technical Innovation, etc, which makes the union’s influence radiates to major regions and fields of global silk. ISU aims to promote mutual exchange and cooperation of the silk industry around the world, promote the progress and development in international silk culture, education, scientific research, design, production, standards and testing, trade as well as consumption, and build a good exchanges and cooperation platform for the international silk industry.

INTERNATIONAL SERICULTURAL COMMISSION is an inter-governmental organization dedicated to the development of sericulture and silk industry in the world with office located in Bengaluru, India. The commission has 35 associate members from 21 member countries. ISC’s main objective is the development of sericulture industry in existing and new areas through coordinated actions and convergence of programmes extended by different countries, international organizations and other agencies and to organise specialized programmes and activities in capacity building, volunteer expert services, establishing linkages among the sectors, and enhancing facilities for common use.