Happy New Year from International Silk Union

Time:2021-01-05 Source:ISU Secretariat



Zhang Guoqiang

Chairman of ISU

Chairman of the Board of Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd.

Time is constantly changing and good things are renewing. For the coming year of 2021, on behalf of the International Silk Union (ISU), I would like to extend my sincere greetings to ISU members, professional committees members and colleagues in the silk industry at home and abroad. Meanwhile, I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have long cared for and supported the development of ISU.

Challenge COVID-19, Continue ISU Work

In 2020, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the silk industry has experienced a severe adjustment period with supply chain disruption and production & operation suffering. The union took the initiative to satisfy the needs of its members at home and abroad, actively assisted them in allocating materials to participate in the anti-epidemic activities and the resumption of work and production. To evaluate the trends of the international silk industry and consumption, the secretariat has surveyed more than 10 silk producing and consuming countries of the silk industry and consumer market, and published the report of "Impact of COVID-19 on International Silk Industry and Consumer Market Trends" with both Chinese and English versions. The report was published in full on UIA and other international platforms, which enhanced the influence of the union and provided a reference for the international silk industry to evaluate the trends and the resumption of work.

In this year, international exchanges and visits were blocked, and offline investigation and exchange activities of the union could not be carried out normally. However, we kept communication channels open through email and video conference and actively promoted the work of the industry organization. With the support of member countries such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia, the union and the China National Silk Museum have jointly set up the "International Silk Boutique Exhibition" in Hangzhou, China. Two exhibitions have been held in 2020. The Secretariat of the union and members from China, Italy, Brazil, Bangladesh and other countries have jointly promoted the dissemination of international silk culture and the exhibition and sales of international silk products, and have built the "China Silk Boutique Store" and the "Hangzhou Silk City Lounge". At the same time, the secretariat also maintained a close contact with the International Sericulture Commission, Italian Silk Office, and INTERSOIE France, Brazilian Silk Association and other members of the union, actively promoted raw silk quality level representation, popularization and application of carbon footprint, etc., and have helped Lyon Metropole and Lyon city government to held International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles.

Strengthen System, Improve Service

Since its establishment, the union has attracted high-quality members in the development of silk industry and related fields, and more than 130 enterprises and organizations from 20 countries and regions have joined the union. In 2020, ISU was officially included in the Yearbook of International Organizations by the UIA, becoming one of the most active and influential professional organizations among the 13 international silk professional organizations of the UIA.

In order to strengthen the cohesion of the international silk industry, the secretariat of the union adheres to the high standard of service for industries and ISU members, and regularly sends periodic work reports and trends of international silk industry to members. As the official platform of the union, the "World Silk Website" publishes hot industry news, industry situation and members' trends in real time. It is the most active Chinese-English bilingual information platform of international silk in the world.

Review Yesterday, Create Tomorrow

In 2020, the silk industry joined hands to share weal and woe. In 2021, we hope to bid farewell to difficulties, move forward to new life, and lead a year full of brightness and hope. The International Silk Union will always bear in mind the purpose of "Communication & Cooperation, Development with Concerted Efforts", continue to deepen communications and interactions, promote multi-field and multi-level cooperation in the silk industry, and build a service platform for the international silk industry. 

Finally, I wish the international silk industry can flourish and prosper. I wish you a happy New Year and good health!



Chen Wenxing

Vice chairman of ISU

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

President of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Director of ISU Education Research Professional Committee

2020 will soon be over and 2021 will come as expected. On the arrival of the New Year, I would like to extend new year greetings to my colleagues in the international silk industry. In 2020, the COVID-19 has brought a severe impact on the silk industry, but it has also forced the industry to face up to the challenges of development. As the carrier of international silk, builder of the platform and organization, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University takes the training of international silk professionals, research and development of silk science and technology, and the promotion of silk culture as its own responsibilities, and is working hard in these aspects.

In 2020, The "Journal of Silk", which devotes to the publication and dissemination of scientific and cultural achievements in the field of international silk (textile) sponsored by our university, was rated as "RCCSE China authoritative Academic Journal A+". The International Silk and Silk Road Research Center was established in our University. The "New Technology of Silk Making based on energy conservation and emission reduction and its industrial application project" co-developed by our university and enterprises won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of CNTAC in 2020. Our School also held a series of characteristic activities and achievements in the silk field, such as, the closing ceremony of 2020 Silk Road Week, the first International Symposium on Silk and Silk Road Research, and the Training Program on Art & Technique Heritage and Creative Design of Brocade, etc. 

The activities and achievements of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in the field of silk are of great significance, which cannot be separated from the support and cooperation of ISU members. In the New Year, I hope we can continue to work hard together, deepen our cooperation and gather our strength to promote the sustained, healthy and stable development of the international silk industry. I wish you all good health and success in the New Year!


Stefano Vitali

Vice Chairman of ISU

President of Italian Silk Office

Dear silk friends,

Twelve months ago nobody would have imagined a year like the one that just ended. 2020 marks the age we are going through and it will have lasting consequences for our world and for our fiber.

COVID-19 has “frozen” our lives, at least in Western Countries, and it has killed economic growth. 2020 will remain in history for the extent of the fall in economic indicators, with dramatic impact also for textiles and for silk.

In Italy silk activity and silk consumption have collapsed, both in weaving and in finishing. 2021, at the beginning, will not introduce substantial changes and we shall see some recovery during the second half, if COVID vaccine is successful and no further shock elements appear.

This is reality that we have to face and that challenges our companies and our associations.

Sustainability is the key word of the expectations of consumers, especially young consumers, in the world. Silk has several properties which have made it so successful along the centuries and the long term history of silk is the evidence of silk as a sustainable resource, respecting nature and the health of people. It is up to us to promote our fiber for its sustainable properties.

We are deeply silk committed people and we are engaged in providing our suggestions and our support to International Silk Union and to our Chinese friends, in order to look for way out of this difficult situation.

With this wish we greet our silk friends and with this attitude we believe we shall share a better 2021.


Renata Amano

Vice Chairman of ISU

President of Brazilian Silk Association

Board Director of Bratac

Dear ISU Members and Silk Community Worlwide,

It is time to celebrate!

2020 was a unique year for our business. Being able to overcome challenges and recover production growth was our main goal after the lockdown.

Many families are mourning the loss of their loved ones, but we must target our thoughts and actions towards better days.

Bratac completed 80 years in the silk market in September 2020. We relied on positive initiatives from a sustainable perspective taking care of our people as per no one in the universe stands alone.

At a time we are physically apart, union is the solution. And International Silk Union must maintain our commitment to develop a greater future for those who are passionate and work with silk around the globe.

Happy New Year!