Formal Approval on the Tenth Batch of Member Units of International Silk Union

Time:2019-11-27 Source:ISU Secretariat

To ISU Members,

According to relevant provisions of International Silk Union constitution, after the union secretariat preliminary review on the application, discussion on the union office meeting, and approval of the union executive director units, we agree the below 8 units to become the tenth batch of ISU members.

Notice is hereby given!

Uzbek Research Institute of Natural Fibers (Uzbekistan)

Lao Sericulture Co., Ltd(Laos)

Kei Meas Handicrafts (Cambodia)

Hand Touch (Bangladesh)

Shanghai Pudong Technology Entrepreneurship Promotion Center (China)

Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co., Ltd. (China)

Technology Center of Nanning Customs District (China)

Tarim University(China)


International Silk Union

November 27, 2019