The 2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival Kicked off in Paris, France

Time:2019-06-21 Source:中国蓝国际

Since 2017, the Hangzhou Tourism Commission has organized the “Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival” campaign by supervising the overseas new media integrated marketing project to share the story of Hangzhou with the world.  The 2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival - with the theme being “The Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the People's Republic of China” - held a series of wonderful activities in 10 global cities including Paris, Prague, Vienna, and London.


In the afternoon of June 19th, local time, the 2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival - "A Splendid City, A Global Stage" kicked off at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, while playing the melody of Hangzhou city's song, "Dream of Heaven".  This song, which is well known and has been sung by the people of Hangzhou for a long time, was revised by the original composer, Ying Hao, and it became the theme song for the 2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival.


20 French girls from a French youth choir sing classic Chinese songs, and the clear and beautiful singing resounds through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.



The famous local dance group "Zumba Alix" gives an energetic dance interpretation of "Dream of Heaven".


A perfect combination of dynamic dance movements and sportive elements invigorates the atmosphere, enticing the audience to dance along with the rhythm.


The French models wear Hangzhou style flower and bird brocade Qipaos.  20 Chinese girls dance gracefully with moon-shaped fans, allowing the audience to admire their elegant temperament.


The first event of the "2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival" that was held abroad, was in France.  This placed the art of the Hangzhou Qipao at the Arc de Triomphe, as well as at the Champ Elysees, in the capital city of fashion, Paris.  This event united the song of the Hangzhou people, "Dream of Heaven", with the Zumba dance.  When the beauties of the Oriental meet with the exotic, the resulting performance is full of variety, illustrating the picture of multicultural harmony.  

Event Highlights

Hightlight No.1: brocade Qipaos


Li Jialin, a professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Art and Design, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, was offered the state award for inventions of unique brocade techniques.  Also, his "brocade painting" works have been given to foreign friends as national gifts for many times.


Li Jialin, a master craftsman of national gifts, exhibits his excellent works at 2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival.  His unique brocade technique, which has been listed as intangible cultural heritage, is beautifully integrated into Qipao, showing exquisite charm of Hangzhou.

Highlight No.2: a global stage


Thousands of Qipao lovers from all over the world perform Qipao dance with the song Dreamy Paradise and participate in a world-class flash mob show.


These years, the song "Dream of Heaven" is recognized as a rare piece of music amongst all other pieces that describe Hangzhou city.  The song has a beautiful melody and lyrics full of local flavour.  Ever since the song was released, the people of Hangzhou have loved and sung it.  For the 2019 Hangzhou Global Qipao Festival, the composer, Ying Hao, newly adapted and recreated this song.