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ISU Delegation Visited Silk Companies in Como, Ita

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On November 12th, Italian time, on the eve of the 2018 International Silk Union Chairman Enlarged Meeting, ISU secretariat organized nearly 40 silk industry experts and representatives from China, Brazil, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries to visit silk companies in Como, Italy.


The Italian local newspaper la Provincia reported on the ISU delegations visit to Como.


Accompanied by the Italian Silk Office, the delegation visited RATTI and CLERICI TESSUTO in two groups.

Gisella Pollini, representative of Italian Silk Office, accompanied some members of the delegation to visit RATTI, the largest silk fabric printing and dyeing company in Italy. RATTI was founded in 1945 by Antonio Ratti and is well-known in the world textile and silk industry. The receptionist introduced the RATTI and Antonio Ratti Foundation for the delegation, accompanied the delegation to watch the latest video of the historical development of RATTI, visit the printed fabric museum and the printing and dyeing workshop. RATTI produces about 4 million meters of fabrics every year, the sales of 2017 up to 99.4 million euros and 70% for export. The printed fabric museum retains more than 400 patterns and has a long history. RATTI has cooperation with well-known clothing brands such as Dior, Fath, Sully Dumas, Jean Patou, Balenciaga e Galitzine.



Guido Tettamanti, the secretary-general of Italian Silk Office, accompanied some members of the delegation to visit CLERICI TESSUTO, a company established in 1922 and a nearly 100-year-old company, which is a company specializing in textile fabrics for luxury brands. The receptionist introduced the company's founding philosophy and development status to the delegation, and took a delegation to visit the company's sample exhibition hall, design center and weaving center. CLERICI TESSUTO has collected more than 50,000 volumes of textile fabric samples spanning more than a century, just like a textile fabric history museum. It still retains 1882 fabric samples, and these fabric samples have all been imported into the company's computer fabric system. Some of the company's advanced jacquard and dobby looms produce some jacquard fabrics for sale at prices of up to 100/m.



In the evening, the Italian Silk Office accompanied the delegation to visit the Antonio Ratti Foundation. In 1985, Mr. Ratti formed the foundation for his personal interest in silk and held exhibitions to provide the public and scholars with an opportunity to learn about and study textile art. It collects 3,500 textiles and more than 2700 books about textile patterns covering a history spanning the 3rd to 21st centuries.



During the one-day visit, industry experts and representatives from all over the world are deeply fascinated by this city full of inspiration and art, and full of confidence in the flourishing development of the silk industry. Everyone has always believed that get together from different countries and different cities, through the exchange and learn from each other, there will be innovation and development in silk industry.