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Formal Agreement on the Sixth Batch of Members Joi

Time:2018-02-01 Source:International Silk Union secre


To ISU Members,

According to relevant provisions of International Silk Union constitution, after the union secretariat preliminary review on the application, discussion on the union office meeting, and approval of the union executive director units, we agree the following 7 units to become the sixth batch of members of ISU.

Notice is hereby given!


The list is as follows:

1 Guangxi Guihe Group Co., Ltd.

2 Zhejiang Huazhi Silk Co., Ltd.

3 Hangzhou Hualong Weaving Machine Co., Ltd.

4 Huzhou Fiber Inspection Institute(National Cocoon and Silk Quality Supervision Inspection Center)

5 Huzhou Baby Sericulture Co., Ltd.

6 Hangzhou Xinjie Embroidery Silk Co., Ltd.

7 Hangzhou Jixiang Jacquard Cloth & Non-woven Fabrics Factory





International Silk Union  

                               February 1st , 2018