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INTERSOIE France ——ISU Vice Chairman Unit

Time:2020-09-18 Source:ISU Secretariat


INTERSOIE France ——ISU vice chairman unit



INTERSOIE France is the French professional association, gathering all companies involved in the production, the use and the trade of silk. Its mission is to promote and defend the interests of the French Silk industry across the world.

INTERSOIE France comprises 30 members gathering all the professions from silk yarn to the silk fabric, including dyeing, printing and finishing. INTERSOIE is made up of prestigious Lyon-based companies and a fabric of small and medium sized industrial enterprises.


Xavier Lepingle attended the ISU Members Assembly & Belt and Road Forum for International Silk

Silk in Lyon

The silk festival of Silk in Lyon is organised by INTERSOIE France, it's the unique annual event in Europe, gathering the French driving and active forces of silk: industrialist, creators, craftmen, cultural and patrimonial actors. Exhibitors are the suppliers of the most prestigious brand names in haute-couture and high-end fashion world.


里昂丝绸展开幕式Opening ceremony of Silk in Lyon

A showcase of the French savoir-faire and the Made in Lyon, France, in silk fabrics for clothing and home decorating, as well as silk accessories and fashion products. Since 2018, Silk in Lyon highlights each year a foreign city whose history is intimately tied to silk. In 2018, ISU was invited to organize Chinese silk city - Hangzhou to participate in the Silk in Lyon. In 2019, Japanese silk city Kyoto participate in.


Silk in Lyon - China Hangzhou Silk Boutique Exhibition

Silk in Lyon 2019 


Save the Date: the third Silk in Lyon edition will take place from the 21st to the 22th of November 2020 at the Palais de la Bourse in Lyon.

Silky Cities, the international network of silk cities and metropoles


Since 2018, the City of Lyon and Lyon Metropole, in partnership with INTERSOIE France, have taken the lead in building the Silky Cities, the international network of silk cities and metropoles. In November 2019, major silk cities from France, China, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Uzbekistan and other countries joined the network. The network aims to create a silk ecosystem that integrates profession, culture and innovation through exchanges and cooperation, and enhance the international influence of silk. ISU assisted in the docking and invited Chinese cities--Hangzhou and Nanchong to join the Silky Cities.



Mission of INTERSOIE France

Promotion and defence of the French silk industry interests at the European and international level.

INTERSOIE France is an active member of the Silk Section of AIUFFASS(the International Association of Users of Artificial and Synthetic Filament Yarns and of Natural Silk).

Main stakes

Quality of the raw silk: regular supply of high quality raw silk, standardization,...

Top quality at each stage of the pipeline

Sustainability and circular economy

Fair Trade and fair competition

No barriers to market access

Fight counterfeit and piracy and enforce intellectual property rights

Standardization of silk textile articles: mutual recognition, convergence, standards improvements.

INTERSOIE France, with the active support of its Technical Commission, contributes actively to technical working groups with Italian partners: stapling of raw silk, European standardization, etc...

The INTERSOIE Technical Commission is particularly committed towards:

Technical assistance to the INTERSOIE members

-- Products and process

-- Assistance to the market access (mandatory regulations,…)

The improvement of international standards linked to raw silk quality,including:

-- ISO standards (ISO TC38 SC23 WG5)

-- CEN standards (The INTERSOIE Technical Commission leads the Working Group 29 of the CEN TC 248)

Silk Capital Lyon

The silk industry continue to play a key role in Europe. In France, the heart of the industry is found in Lyon and its region.

INTERSOIE France is located in Lyon, one of Europe’s major metropolitan areas. Lyon is a city of silk since the 16th century, France’s leading textile industry region. The largest silk weaving center in France, home to 80% of the country’ activity.

In addition, the region is specialized in a certain number of techniques such as silk throwing and texturing, dyeing and finishing, a range of activities which play a vital role in the silk industry.

Over time, Lyon’s expertise in silk weaving has expanded to include the weaving of new synthetic materials(glass fibers, polyester, aramids and other carbon fibers). Today, the region is the highest concentration of textiles for technical use in Europe.


Excellence, creation, innovation of textile industries in Lyon