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International Silk Union Secretariat Visited Suzhou Silk

Time:2020-08-05 Source:ISU Secretariat


Silk, with long history in Suzhou, has formed a relatively complete silk production and scientific research system nowadays.

From July 30 to 31, 2020, Li Qizheng, secretary-general of International Silk Union(ISU), and his entourage went to Suzhou to inspect the Suzhou Silk Museum, Qian Xiaoping Ancient Silk Reproduction Institute, Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute, Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce(SITC)), and "Silk Suzhou 2020" Exhibition, in-depth docking of enterprises and institutions in silk culture, education, production and trade.


Suzhou Silk Museum, Qian Xiaoping Ancient Silk Reproduction Institute

Suzhou Silk Museum, founded in 1989, is the first professional silk museum in China. And it is the inheritance base of the national intangible cultural heritage "Song brocade" and Jiangsu intangible cultural heritage "Zhang satin".


Qian Xiaoping Ancient Silk Reproduction Institute located in Suzhou Silk Museum, under the leadership of Qian Xiaoping, the national representative inheritor of Song Brocade and the honorary curator of Suzhou Silk Museum, the institute has achieved fruitful results in silk research, reproduction, imitation, restoration, development and sales of embroidered clothing products.


During the visit,  Qian Xiaoping introduced the main research projects recently carried out by the institute. Shen Hui, vice-curator of Suzhou Silk Museum, introduced the basic information of Suzhou Silk Museum. Li Qizheng introduced the special activities carried out by ISU over the years. Both the parties hope to find a point to strengthen the cooperation, promoting the international influence of Suzhou.


Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute

Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute is the member of ISU, the deputy general manager Da Shu accompanied the ISU secretariat to visit Embroidery Mill, Exhibition Hall, and Encircling Luxuriance Mountain Villa. At the same time, she introduced the development history of Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute and the characteristics of Su embroidery skills.


According to the introduction of Da Shu, through the combination of traditional embroidery and modern art, traditional embroidery and modern technology, the institute has successfully explored and created batches of groundbreaking embroidery boutiques in various periods such as the double-sided with different patterns, different stitches and different colors.


Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce

Suzhou Institute of Trade & Commerce is a full-time public higher vocational school accredited by Jiangsu Education Department, the history began in 2003 with the merger of two national key technical secondary schools, Jiangsu Silk School and Jiangsu Suzhou Commercial School. SITC actively promotes the in-depth cooperation between sub-schools and local leading smart enterprises. they have developed a new school-company cooperation strategy of "pairing one class with one enterprise and pairing one major with certain enterprises".


The dean Zhou Yan, vice dean Xv Lei, vice dean Huang Zijuan of the Clothing and Media Arts College of Textiles accompanied ISU secretariat to visit the college and school-enterprise cooperation units. The college has even established the "Lafine Fashion Institute" with the French wedding brand "Lafine", aiming to cultivate outstanding designers required by the industry.



At the symposium, Zhou Yan also introduced the progress of the construction of "Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Silk Skills and National Culture" that the Ministry of Education has set up, and hoped to join hands with ISU to strengthen the construction and international promotion.


"Silk Suzhou 2020" Exhibition

"Silk Suzhou 2020" Exhibition, sponsored by China Silk Association, Jiangsu Province Silk Association, and Suzhou Silk Industry Association, organized by Qianteng Exhibition (Suzhou ) Co.,Ltd., and supported by Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Suzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and International Silk Union, was held from July 31 to August 2 in Suzhou International Expo Center. The total scale of the exhibition was 10,000 square meters, with 287 standard booths and 112 exhibitors participating. During the three-day exhibition period, the total number of visitors was 32,781 and the number of professional visitors was 2,563.


Nearly 10 member units of ISU from Laos, Cambodia and China participated in the exhibition. Lao Sericulture (Mulberries) and Cambodian Kei Meas Handicrafts also launched an international online B2B docking, bringing the possibility of international cooperation; Guangdong Silique exhibited the unique Lingnan characteristics of the national geographical indication silk products "gambiered Guangdong gauze"; Jiangsu Soho exhibited new products featuring delicate patterns and rich colors, including silk scarves, home clothes and silk clothing; Suzhou Saint Joy exhibited the derivative products of intangible cultural heritage “Song brocade”, giving the new designs and concepts to the innovative development of Song brocade; Commercial Bureau of Nanchong also organized a group of Nanchong silk enterprises to participate in the exhibition, showing Nanchong silk culture and regional characteristics.


Exchange with representatives of participating member units of Laos

During the exhibition, ISU secretariat established contacts with Ibaraki Prefecture Shanghai Office, and Royal Thai Consulate-General in Shanghai. Secretary-general Li Qizheng introduced the establishment and development of ISU to the units and understood the basic situation of each unit.

Taki Masanori, vice director of Ibaraki Prefecture Shanghai Office, introduced the basic situation of the association. As the one of "Three Twisted Silk Place in Japan", the "Yuki-tsumugi" in Ibaraki Prefecture was selected as a UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010. He hoped that the two sides can strengthen ties and promote dialogue and exchanges between China and Japan on silk.


Exchange with Ibaraki Prefecture Shanghai Office

Jeeranun Hirunyasumlith, commercial consul of Commercial Section of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Shanghai, introduced the basic situation of Thailand's silk industry and welcomed ISU to participate in the upcoming exchange activities of the consulate in 2020.