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CNTAC-SDG released the EcoCosy® Climate Leadership White Paper 2020

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On January 6, 2020, CNTAC-SDG released the EcoCosy® Climate Leadership White Paper 2020 (White Paper). The White Paper summarizes activities conducted in the first phase of the EcoCosy® Climate Leadership Program, jointly launched by the CNTAC-SDG and Sateri in 2019.

The White Paper will help stakeholders understand the basics of China’s textile and apparel industry, including contributions in carbon emission reduction from the upstream sectors of the industrial chain, companies’ energy conservation and emission reduction actions, and the crucial role of stakeholders in emission reduction of the industrial chain.

In addition, the White Paper hopes to explore new pathways for industrial chain partners to jointly address climate change and realize low-carbon transformation, and to measure contributions from the Chinese companies in the decarbonization of the global fashion industry chain.


In 2005, China National Textile and Apparel Council(CNTAC) established the first national corporate social responsibility department, the Office for Social Responsibility, dedicated to promoting corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in the textile and apparel industry.

In 2019, the SDG Team of the Office for Social Responsibility of CNTAC(CNTAC-SDG) upgraded the Carbon Stewardship 2020 Initiative to Climate Stewardship 2030 Initiative(Initiative), in response to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action signed by CNTAC in 2018.

The Initiative will exercise industry leadership to help companies formulate climate action roadmap, in order to guide production and consumption and help companies obtain new growth opportunities. Meanwhile, the Initiative provides the textile and apparel industry’s solution to China’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions(INDC), and explores the value of a Community of Shared Future for Mankind with the power of the industry.

About EcoCosy® Climate Leadership Program

The multi-year Program is an important component of the Climate Stewardship 2030 Initiative, initiated in 2019 by CNTAC-SDG in response to the launch of the Charter, where CNTAC-SDG is a supporting agency. The first phase of the Program explores how product innovation at companies upstream of the industrial chain can help drive energy conservation and decarbonization in downstream production processes.

About EcoCosy® Climate Leadership White Paper 2020

The White Paper summarizes the first phase of the Program completed in 2019, mainly consisting of literature review and a baseline survey conducted at selected yarn and fabric companies. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Sateri EcoCosy® fiber products’ carbon emission reduction potential during yarn and fabric manufacturing processes are discussed, as well as proposed next steps in achieving industry-wide emission reduction goals.

EcoCosy-Cimate-Leadership-White-Paper-2020- English Version.pdf



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