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New Year's Congratulations to ISU Members

Time:2019-12-31 Source:ISU Secretariat


Mr. Zhang Guoqiang 

Chairman of Interantional Silk Union,

Chairman of the board of Zhejiang Cathaya Group 

To ISU member units, committee members,

2019 International Silk Union Members Assembly & Seminar on International Silk Industry Development was just held successfully. More than 150 government leaders, representatives of ISU member units, committees and the silk industry from 13 countries and regions including Brazil, Cambodia, China, France, Hong Kong of China, India, Italy, Japan, Laos, Myanmar,Thailand,Uzbekistan and Vietnam, gathered in the beautiful Hangzhou. The meeting introduced the work progress of ISU after foundation, completed the election of new ISU organization, discussed the future direction of ISU, summarized the work of professional committees, and discussed the development of the international silk industry. 

Since the founding members assembly in October 23, 2015, ISU has received the strong support from The People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, China National Cocoon and Silk Coordination Office, The People’s Government of Hangzhou City, Department of Commerce, Public Security Department and Economy and Information Technology Commission of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information,  Hangzhou City Development Research Center, as well as China National Silk Association. On September 19, 2016, ISU completed the registration as an international association in Hong Kong of China. On August 22, The Overseas Non-Governmental Organization Management Office of Public Security Department and Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province issued the registration certificate to International Silk Union (Hong Kong) Zhejiang Office. In December 2019, ISU Obtained the special support from The People’s Government of Hangzhou City for “Hangzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry Development Support Fund”, which will boost the confidence for the further development of ISU, and also provide the necessary financial support to carry out international silk industry and cultural exchange activities.

After establishment, ISU actively absorb and develop the key silk enterprises and industry organizations in various silk producing and consuming countries, set up five professional committees on history culture, fashion design, education research, technical innovation and trade manufacture, manage the Chinese and English version of “World Silk Website” for the latest information on international silk industry. At present, there has been more than 120 enterprises and organizations from 20 countries and regions joining ISU, especially the national organizations, such as Italian Silk Office, INTERSOIE France, Brazilian Silk Association,Vietnam Sericulture Association, Cambodia Silk Sector Promotion and Development Commission, and more than 70 famous silk experts from the international silk industry, have spread great impact on hundreds of silk enterprises, institutes and organizations.

The new council of ISU will continue to practice the purpose that “Communication & Cooperation Development with Concerted Efforts”, establish the communication platform for silk enterprises, organizations and experts in various countries, improve the operating mechanism of ISU, strengthen the communication and cooperation with governments and non-governmental industry organizations, build the integrated media platforms for international silk information, and make efforts to the propaganda, reporting, referral and consulting services for ISU member units.

In the year of 2020, hope you will continue to support the work of ISU, actively participate in the events of ISU, introduce suitable enterprises and institutes joining ISU, and make greater contributions to the exchange, cooperation and development of the international silk industry. Wish you good health, smooth work and good luck. Happy New Year!


Members of the Second Council of ISU

2015-2019 Work Report of ISU


Secretariat of ISU

December 31, 2019