International Silk Union Secretariat Visited Aurora

Time:2019-11-05 Source:ISU Secretariat

On August 2, 2019, Fei Jianming, the secretary-general of ISU, Bian Xinger, vice secretary-general of ISU, Li Qizheng, director of ISU member unit Hangzhou Oriental Silk Culture and Brand Research Center, and and other entourage visited Aurora Gruppo S.R.L. Deng Tao, chairman of Aurora warmly received the visited group.


In the meeting room, the visiting group watched the promotional film of Tensee Stock of Aurora, chairman Deng Tao introduced the development process, development concept and organizational structure of Aurora. The company founded in 2012, and always committed to the design and process development of high-end silk scarves, now has 4 silk scarves brands.


Secretary-general Fei Jianming said that Aurora focuses on the development and design of silk scarves .It’s a fashion enterprise in the traditional industry. Aurora has the clear customer groups, clear brand positioning. It’s a new force in the silk industry. Secretary-general Fei Jianming introduced to chairman Deng Tao about the characteristic activities carried out since the establishment of the ISU, and focused on the “2019 International Silk Union Members Assembly” held in Hangzhou, China this year.


Later, chairman Deng Tao accompanied secretary-general Fei Jianming and his delegation to visit the exhibition hall of Aurora. Chairman Deng Tao introduced the cooperative products of Aurora with Paradise Umbrella, Wang Sin Kee, and Grahope New Materials(GNM), giving the daily necessities and technology products to the beauty of art and fashion. In the exhibition hall, secretary-general Fei Jianming and his delegation visited the classic and innovative products of Aurora silk scarves in jacquard, printing and dyeing, plate type, etc.


Through the visit, ISU secretariat had some insight into the development process of Aurora deeply and strengthened the contact between the secretariat and the member units. It provided a platform for the mutual exchange of the member units, and enhanced the cohesion of the members of the league. ISU secretariat will adhere to the purpose of "communication and cooperation, development with concerted efforts ", and give a better service to ISU member units.