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The Second Meeting of ISU Education Research Professional Committee was Held in Hangzhou, China

Time:2019-11-05 Source:ISU Secretariat

In order to further implement the International Silk Union(ISU) purpose of “communication and cooperation, development with concerted efforts”, actively carry out exchange activities of the silk industry and promote the win-win and interactive development of silk education and research innovation. On September 27, 2019, the second meeting of International Silk Union Education Research Professional Committee was successfully held in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, China.


Li Jilin, chairman of ISU, Chen Wenxing, vice chairman of ISU, director of ISU Education Research Professional Committee, president of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Fei Jianming, secretary-general of ISU, Lu Cheng, Chen Xiangping, V. Shyam Kumar, Shen Xingjia, Zhu Chengyan, Pan Zhijuan,Z hu Liangjun, Xue Yan, Wang Yongqiang, Zheng Jinhuan, members of ISU Education Research Professional Committee, Bian Xinger, vice secretary-general of ISU, minister of operation management department of Cathaya Group, Pan Lulu, director of Silk Laboratory, Hangzhou Customs Technology Center, Huang Zhiqiang, researcher of Belt and Road International Cooperation Research Center,Li Qizheng, Xu Shiyong, vice-president of Journal of Silk, and other Relevant representatives of silk industry attended the meeting. Zheng Jinhuan, members of the ISU Education Research Professional Committee, president of Journal of Silk, presided over the meeting.

Chairman Li Jilin congratulated on the opening of the meeting, and extended a warm welcome to the Committee members and representatives. He introduced the work carried out since the establishment of ISU and the construction of the Education Research Professional Committee, and expressed the hope that the committee and representatives of the meeting actively exchanged ideas and accumulated wisdom to further promote the development of silk education and research.


President Chen Wenxing, welcomed the arrival of the experts. He summarized the recent work of ISU Education Research Professional Committee. He said that all members of the committee and their units have carried out a lot of work. and hoped that in the future, everyone will make joint plans and make better efforts in silk education and scientific research.


Focusing on the achievements and development of silk education and scientific research in recent years, the committee members and representatives at the meeting actively carried out exchanges, introduced the basic situation and recent activities of their units, and discussed silk research and education from the aspects of training modes of domestic and foreign higher education, modern silk technology innovation and development, core scientific research of silk, international training class, etc.

Lu Cheng, honorary chairman of the Chinese Sericultural Association, professor of Southwest University

Chen Xiangping, president of Sichuan Silk Association

V. Shyam Kumar, professor of Karnatak University

Shen Xingjia, deputy director of Sericulture Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricutural Sciences

Zhu Chengyan, party secretary of International Silk Institute, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Pan Zhijuan, dean of Institute of Textile and Garment Engineering, Soochow University

Representatives of all members expressed their hope that driven by the ISU Education Research Professional Committee, it would strengthen the interaction between units, consolidate the power of the silk industry, through the innovation and development, do a good job in education and scientific research.

Finally, secretary-general Fei Jianming made a summary speech. He highly praised the work of ISU Education Research Professional Committee did, and hoped that in the future, all units would strengthen contacts, focus on the hot spots and difficulties of the industry, deepen exchanges and cooperation, and realize the innovative development of silk education and research with an international vision and platform.