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PART 1│ISU Delegation was Invited to Participate i

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French time, on November 15, 2018, at the invitation of the INTERSOIE France, the ISU organized nearly 40 representatives from China, Brazil, Cambodia and Vietnam to travel to Lyon, France to participate in the French Silk Festival series activities.



The French Silk Festival began in 2005 and has been held for 14 consecutive years, its influence has increased year by year. It is a must-go event for Lyons who love silk. This year's exhibition was held on November 15-18, with the theme of Silk in Lyon.



Hermes booth live performance printing



Different from the past, this year the INTERSOIE France invited foreign silk companies to participate for the first time. The ISU was invited to organize four Chinese silk companies to exhibit and show the characteristics of Chinese silk. Exhibitors include Zhejiang Cathaya International Co., Ltd., High Fashion International Limited, Jin Fuchun Group Co., Ltd. and Wensli Group Co., Ltd.


Cathaya "Jinyu Jinxiu" silk set


Mayor of Lyon, chairman and vice chairman of the Metropolitan Area of Lyon visited High Fashion booth


Wensli silk scarf


Jin Fuchun silk cheongsam


Visiting Le Musée des Tissus

On the afternoon of November, 15, the curator of Le Musée des Tissus accompanied ISU delegation to visit the museum. The museum houses approximately 2.5 million pieces of fabric, the oldest collection dating back to 2500 BC. In the 16th century, Lyon was the first silk textile workshop to become the silk capital of France. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Lyon silk industry ushered in the golden age and became the most important silk producing area in Europe, but then suffered bottlenecks due to overproduction. In the 19th century, with the support of Napoleon, Lyon silk was reborn. In the 1930s, it was once again in crisis.



Partial ISU delegation attended the welcome dinner of Silk in Lyon

On the evening, partial ISU delegation attended the welcome dinner of Silk in Lyon, The banquet was filled with Chinese red, full of Chinese characteristics.


Consulate-general of the Peoples Republic of China in Lyon took a photo with partial ISU delegation