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2018 International Silk Union Chairman Enlarged Me

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In order to practice the International Silk Union (ISU) purpose of communication and cooperation, development with concerted efforts, play the role of the ISU as the world's silk industry interconnected and build a win-win platform, Italian time, on November 13, 2018 International Silk Union Chairman Enlarged Meeting was held in Como, Italy to report the work of ISU since the second union members assembly, discuss the future work plan, hold the seminar on the new development trends of international silk industry, and convene the union committee meeting. Nearly 80 silk industry experts and representatives from China, Italy, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries attended the meeting, Mr. Fei Jianming, secretary-general of the ISU, presided over the meeting.



Secretary-general Fei introduced the main leaders and guests, and gave the thanks to their attendance.



Mr. Mrrio Landriscin, mayor of Como, thanked the guests for coming, he introduced the current situation and development of Italian silk, and hopped the meeting a complete success. Mr. Andrea Taborelli, president of Textile Division of Unindustria Como, introduced the history and development of Italian textile industry, and hoped the meeting will be successfully held in Como.



Mr. Li Jilin, chairman of ISU, on behalf of the ISU extended a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the leaders, guests and friends attending this meeting, he especially thanked to the Italian Silk Office for there carefully support for this meeting preparation. Then, chairman Li made a report on the exchanges at home and abroad, the construction of professional committees, and the construction of ISU secretariat, etc. He also discussed with the guests about ISU future work plan .

ISU work plan in 2019 are as follows:

1. Continue to carry out various works of ISU committees, to help promote the healthy development of the world silk industry from all aspects.

2. Continue to develop new ISU members, promote communication and cooperation.

3. Promote the cooperation progress among the union member units.

4. Convene the third ISU members assembly and complete the re-election work of ISU.

5. Continue to improve the service quality of the union secretariat and do a good job in related services.



During the meeting, Ms. Zheng Jinhuan, member of ISU Education Research Professional Committee, on behalf of the Mr. Chen Wenxing, vice chairman of ISU, director of the ISU Education Research Professional Committee and the president of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, reported on the world achievements in silk education, scientific research and cultural exchanges in recent years.



Ms. Francina Chiara, member of ISU History Culture Professional Committee, on behalf of the Mr. Zhao Feng, vice chairman of ISU, director of the ISU History Culture Professional Committee and the curator of China National Silk Museum, reported the recent works this year, and work plan next year.



Mr. Stefano Vitali, vice chairman of ISU and president of Italian Silk Office, extended a warm welcome to the guests, and introduced Italian silk situation from the aspects of raw silk quality and price, silk reeling equipment, raw silk detection, silk trade, etc. He added, it is important to meet, to speak, to listen to points of view that maybe are very different, but this is the importance of this international organization.



João Berdu, president of Bisa Oversea, introduced the international research project  Millennials, Fashion, Sustainability and Silk from the aspects of research and release. The research reports and teaser videos in multiple languages have been released on the Worldsilk Website.



The successful convening of the 2018 International Silk Union Chairman Enlarged Meeting is affirmation and support for the past work of union, and it also puts forward higher requirements for the future development direction of union. ISU will continue to adhere the purpose of communication and cooperation, development with concerted efforts, maintain the communication with member units, expand exchanges in the world's silk production and consumption countries.


Photo of chairman and secretary-general between the ISU and Italian Silk Office


Group photo


The speeches of the speakers at the conference will be released one after another, Please pay attention